Thursday, June 22, 2017

On Human Resource and Productivity

 In this write-up, we shall discuss the following;

1. Things you should know about Human Resource Management
2. Five types of Human Resources you should know before engaging into a job
3. Productivity in the workplace: How to prevent delicate workplace situation

Things you should know about Human Resource Management

What do you know about Human Resource Management? Perhaps you will answer that it related so much with some sort of company and jobs. Well, that is true. But, if we want to talk deeper about it, Human Resource Management is way more complicated that the statement mentioned before.

If you start to look for a job and get into some interview session, you might find a person who will give a number of questions and you must answer all of them honestly. Most of the questions are related so much with the field you want to enter and your personality. This is one of the functions of Human Resource Management. Thus, as I said, human resources function and importance are more complex than what you think right now.

 Culture of the company depends on Human Resources Management
To bring the best workplace environment in a company or even organization, infrastructure is a must. Building the human’s productivity and leadership is the best booster which is necessary for each company in order to do optimum effort in every field since the lowest state of job such as office boy until general manager or even director. Thus, this is the point of the function of human resource management that cannot be denied in every organization and company. Without human resource, I believe a company can’t even still exist in years.

Human Resources Management handles all of employee’s empowerment
In the very beginning of job hunting for new internship or employee, human resource management has been the one who will select the ones suitable in the company. A bunch of psychological technique is used to manage which one of the job hunter will be the best resource for the company.

Not only doing interview when people try to enter a job, but we can see that the importance of human resource management is to perform and to find solution to any kind of workplace situation. Human Resources Management is also the one doing metric and measurement of all employee’s work. This is the critical importance of Human Resource Management so that they can maintain each employee to stay productive.

By being a Human Resource Management, it means that he or she must be thrilled to face both someone new and old every day to handle various kind of problem. Psychological skill is required here and this is a must. Reading a people is not the same with reading a book. So, if we ever heard that human resource is taking the biggest influence in a company, it is not wrong at all.

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Five types of Human Resources you should know before engaging into a job

Have you ever thought about human resources? Talking about this job, you may imagine that the job description owned by human resources is arranging some interview in order to get new employee of a company or new member of an organization. Well, you were right. But, do you know that human resources are classified into five types and each type has its own characteristics and qualifications? If no, I believe this article can be a new thing for you to get to know better about types of human resources. Here we go.

Generalist is the first types of human resources
If you ever heard about person who take a position like a counselor in school, but happen in the company by inviting people over at his or her office, this must be generalist human resources. Various kind of problem happened at the office must be handled by this kind of types of human resource management functions.

Human resources of recruiting jobs
This kind of human resources is the most familiar from all of the types explained. Human resources of recruiting jobs have several job descriptions to do. They have to perform employee recruitment process, select the manager, hire new talent for the company, and build a better network.

Human resource of learning and development
Employees need refreshment activity in order to maintain their productivity. Some workshop and outbound will be the best thing they can get. Human resource of learning and development is the one who rehearse this kind of activity and becoming a trainer to other employees.

Types of human resource in employee relation
In such a company, there will always be a little problem between employees. Smooth talking to solve the problem is held by human resource of employee relation. Beside, motivating and giving advice about complex matter in the company is also their jobs as well.

Human resource of performance and reward
Have you ever heard about employee of the month? Well, this kind of reward is one of job description that has to be done by human resources of performance and reward. By giving reward, employees are going to feel happy and competitive to work better than before.

Those are five types of human resources. The similar thing is they must have done the same qualification which is being able to perform psychological measurement in every employee. But, as stated before, different jobs in human resources are shortlisted in the job description and list that have to be resolved in their special way in order to gain better workplace and productivity from time to time. So I can say that every company needs to have these types of human resource development to bring up and to maintain the office management.

Productivity in the workplace: How to prevent delicate workplace situation

Productivity in the workplace can be measured simply by both quantitative and qualitative method. Human resource can do this by giving some tasks and chores that have to be done by employee. It is no longer practical at the office because human resources will hold some observations in behavioral, economics, and psychology to give brief and detail explanation in each employee every month. So, they can maintain the productivity of employees in the office.

Demographics has to be good and well-planned
Demographics is the thing you need to keep an eye of. This thing can tell us why is workplace productivity important. Every employee needs to have demographic before they execute their job description. Employee must do short listing to classify which tasks need to be attuned first. With this kind of thing, employee can also write down the task and put them into several kinds of types.

Accomplishments is more important than tasks
Usually, employees will focus on how to get over from tasks instead of getting achievements and accomplishments. Some workplace productivity tips tell us to think more about what contributions we already give for the company in order to gain more productivity. Actually, by getting reward based on their job, employee will be happier and they are willing to do better job in the next time. This is the main point of accomplishments.

Productivity in the workplace is affected by communication
There are a lot of ways to increase employee productivity and communication is truly one of them. Poor communication tends to influence workplace environment. If employee will not have enough information to do their current job, it can lead to human error and jeopardize the productivity.

Real-time feedback is needed
Transparent measurement in employee work can be some sort of thing that can trigger productivity. People will do the best if they are observed and this is not a denial. By getting evaluation at the end of their job, they will have to condition. If they get high score, they will be happy and keep the good work. Besides, if they get bad score on their job, they will tend to work better than before.
It is essential to prevent any delicate problem at the office. To be able doing this, human resources must be the one who perform monitoring and steering to employees. They must give strategies to increase productivity in the workplace so that the company will be focusing to attain goals.

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